– Now Live!

Booya! is now live.

Zanata is an open-source translation manager that enables a community of translators to work on localising software and documentation using nothing more than a web browser. is a hosted instance of Zanata that is now open for software and documentation projects who want to get their strings translated, for free! A huge shout out to Red Hat, who are providing the hosting for the instance.

Software and documentation project maintainers can push and pull the strings to using a python command line tool (can be scripted or incorporated in a build chain) or a maven plugin.

Translators can contribute translations using nothing more than a web browser.

Zanata started out to meet Red Hat’s software localization needs, and is now being developed as an open source project. Visit the project website at for more information on the project and access to the documentation.

And visit to sign up for an account and give it a test drive.

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