Translators’ Survey Results

Along with the public launch of , the Zanata project ran two surveys. One for the Translators and another for the Project Maintainers, where we asked them to tell us what they liked about Zanata and what changes they’d like to see to make it better and more suited to their workflo. A summarized version of the responses from the Translators is as follows.

  • Translators would like the front page to be better presented and should contain important links, recent changes, news and updates
  • Projects to be categorised for ease of navigation, with active documents to be highlighted
  • Off-line translation workflow system
  • Read-only access to other languages, for translation reference
  • Filtered display of the strings, according to their status
  • Customization of the layout and keyboard shortcuts;
  • Adjustable width and height of the workspace
  • Tag highlighting
  • Multi-document Search
  • Document bookmarking
  • Translation memory message matches only above 80% are to be displayed as suggestions
  • Keyboard options to be provided next to the translation suggestions to easily copy them
  • Substring matches to marked as less than 100% matches
  • Provision for viewing, uploading, searching. modifying projects’ and custom glossaries
  • Chatroom/communication facility between the current translation participants for the multi-user environment
  • Translation edit history and highlighting for participating translators
  • Updated User Guides to be made available

Quite a few of the above are already in development or awaiting release. More surveys on similar lines would be conducted in future, along with the Zanata Releases and Deployments.

Thanks for your time!

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