Zanata Video Tutorial Series – 7: Configure Zanata Python Client

Project Maintainers have the choice to use two different clients for Zanata – the python client and the maven client, to access the project contents. This video will help with quickly setting up the configuration in the Zanata Python client.

Zanata Video Tutorial Series – 6: Pull Publican Translations from Zanata

This video explains how translations for Publican documentation projects on Zanata, can be ‘pull-ed in’ by the Maintainers.

Zanata Video Tutorial Series – 5: Configure a Zanata Publican Project

Watch this video to see how your Publican documentation project can be configured for Zanata.

Zanata Video Tutorial Series – 3: Request A Zanata Project

The third video explains how Project Maintainers can request their projects to be hosted on Zanata. This workflow may change sometime in the near future.